About Cynthia Winter, President

Cynthia Winter

Cynthia Winter is the founder and Principal of Winter Resources, a consulting practice that helps organizations and people use their unique leadership skills and resources to have greater impact in their work.

Ms. Winter brings 20 years of real life experience in all areas of organizations to help them become effective and reach higher levels of impact. Her methods are varied, through developing comprehensive leadership trainings, full organizational strategic development, mentoring and individualized leadership coaching.

As the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity-Portland, she took the small organization to scale to become one of Habitat International’s Top 40 US affiliates. Her talent and outcomes led her to be recruited to the National Advisory Council of Habitat International where she became the co-organizer for Habitat’s national Executive Director conferences around the country.

Her strong belief in staff development in support of organizational growth, led her to direct Neighborhood Partnership’s Human Capital Development Initiative. Ms. Winter led this statewide program to foster and train Community Development Corporations (CDCs) throughout Oregon. Her work included the development and implementation of regional and national Executive leadership retreats, and NP’s signature Future Leaders Initiative, a program designed to develop and retain leaders within the industry. This program was modeled after the work of Doug Smith and Charlie Baum’s NeighborWorks America’s Achieving Excellence Program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

The Future Leaders Initiative experience was an amazing experience for me
to challenge myself. The program refined my ability to be a leader through the achievement
of time bound performance based outcomes. Further I developed a peer support network of amazing individuals who I can call upon for advice, support and constructive criticism.

— Jacob Fox, FLI Participant, Assistant Housing Director, Portland Housing Bureau